We Sæw Your Future

Quality Fabrics + Sensing Capability + Computing Power

We are at the cusp of a revolution. Awareness is becoming a central topic and a clear driver of value for society. Materials are becoming smarter, business models are developing towards sustainability and economies are conceived more and more like self-contained eco-systems.

We believe that the intersection of these 3 topics is at the core of future textile innovation. We work with innovative companies and visionary investors to shape the textile industry of tomorrow.

Conductive Yarns

Yarns are the key component of woven fabrics.

Today already there are many varieties of both sensing and actuating yarns.
Sensing yarns are those providing “awareness” to materials: from sensing heat to data conductivity.
Actuating yarns have the capacity of reacting to external stimuli and modifying their properties based on pre-set requirements: from additional elasticity when charged eclectronically to releasing heat when the temperature drops under a certain threshold.

Conductive Fabrics

Fabrics can display properties well beyond the functionality of the yarns adopted. Just like a neural network, the single yarns can be intervowen and combined in ways that provide new models of usage for the resulting textile. Think for example what can happen when you combine a yarn that absorbs heat on one side with one that is completely isolating on the outside.

Sewable Computing

From Project Jacquard by Google to sewable prototyping platforms like Adafruit, sewable computing has the potential to be a key constituent of the Internet Or Things trend we are all experiencing. Connecting your shirt to your phone might sound silly, but is this still going to be the case when the fabric is able to thermoregulate based on the environment you’re about to enter?

The Macrotrends, behind Forsew

  1. Miniaturisation
  2. “Internet of everything”
  3. Responsive and automated systems and components
  4. Infinite Computing power
  5. Increased generational and cultural diversity
  6. Generation Z